Original Music from DRP


soundtrack for the Mickey dora video

Track Titles

Southern Swell

Broad Beach

Mickey's Perfect Wave

Tiki Bar

Board Meeting

a few of the Grooviest Tracks from waves of soul

Wave of Soul is a classic collection of music that Dave recorded at Rafelson Music Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Here is a quote from an Amazon Music Customer. 

"The music is mellow, but not sleepy. It has a laid back, beach/surfer vibe and a sincerity that is infectious. I can hear influences of Pat Metheny among others."

WAves of soul track titles

Newbury Park

Rip It


County Line

Meditation Music And so much more - check it out!

Self Meditate is a music collection comprised of pieces that are in different keys in order to provide a full body tune up as each piece focuses on a different part of your body and soul.