The Dave Reynolds Surf Project - Surf To Soul

Exploring the dynamics and evolution of the relationship between surfing and music - beginning this fall 2019 - will include blogs, interviews, videos ad photos.

I've been looking for a way to combine my love of surfing with my love for guitar music so I've decided to begin interviewing guitarists and musicians that also surf. I'll ask questions about their musical gear, musical tastes, and their favorite tunes to jam on. I'll also ask them similar questions regarding surfing, and will wrap up our interviews by hitting a few waves and/or  jamming on some groovy tunes. We'll catch all of this with photos,  videos and interview style articles. 

Interviews questions will cover topics such as:

I'll be asking surfers about the music that they play, and will dig into their favorite gear and instruments, guitars and amps, and musical influences etc. I'll ask them about their go to surf spots and favorite boards as well as lots of other interesting questions along with footage, and photos of some surfing, jamming, and just generally hanging out. 

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